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Join FGBMFI and be a member of one the largest Christian businessmen’s organization in the world. You will not just be a member of a local chapter where you will hear inspiring testimonies and have the opportunity for God to use you, you will have a friend in over 160 nations of the world.

Membership has so many benefits.
  • Go on airlifts to nations around the world.
  • Receive issues of our glossy full color VOICE Magazine each year.
  • Your personal listing in our St. Louis metro business directory.
  • Participate in our “Fire Team” outreaches, where we have literally seen God touch entire nations at once.
  • Attend our annual world convention, where hundreds of people come from other countries to share what God is doing in their nation NOW!
  • Network with other business people.
  • Visit our website for up-to-the-minute information and news from the Fellowship.
  • Personal membership card and lapel pin.

$50 for 1 Year

$130 for 3 Years

$200 for 5 Years

$500 Lifetime

Clayton Chapter
12120 Belle Meade Rd.
Des Peres, MO  63131


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